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Golden Era,  2012 – 2015

“Why gold?”, I ask myself, to better understand the color, its personality, my personality reflected in the color. “Why this form?” I ask myself, to better understand the path I’ve traveled, the road I’ll be taken on.

I confront images, to sustain them. I become the subject, the matter, an aspect of the work, even as I create it, another element in the illustration of form, mixed with photos, painting and calligraphy, generating a movement in time and space, fueled by the passion of the poems, which I learned in my youth, and the silent cries of the people, who run in my dark dreams.

I hold a deep admiration for the female figure. I began this series several years ago, as a means to express why I felt that human face and hands were the most fascinating, and controversial, parts of the human body. Anything born out of a personal quest would bear an immense spiritual power, and a genuine sense of satisfaction. Each image in the series, often through a narrative consisting of portrait and figure-painting, combined with other elements such as landscapes, images of modern city life, of social life, of the earth, depicts a step in my personal life. And each cycle has functioned, in retrospect, as a matrix for self-discovery. The palette of my artwork is saturated with the different tones, which are provided by my imagination; and they’re subsequently introduced into the work, as an element of its form. Subjective, capricious, they mix and mingle, intertwine, merge, become an inseparable part of the whole.


Krista Nassi


Krista_Nassi_Golden_DreamsGolden Dreams,  Installation  and Performance

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